Hydroxycut Isn’t the Only Dangerous Diet Drug

According to Public Citizen, a consumer watchdog group, there have been 72 diet drugs or weight loss supplements that have been spiked with the active ingredients from prescription drugs. And this is only in the past six months! The FDA continues its investigation of these diet drug companies and will issue stiffer penalties if the companies fail to respond or pull their dangerous products from the market.
According to the FDA, they’ve found at least 9 prescription drugs added to diet drugs including:
Sibutramine (MERIDIA)
Fluoxetine (PROZAC, SERAFEM)
Bumetanide (BUMEX)
Furosemide (LASIX)
Rimonabant (ZIMULTI)
Phenytoin (DILANTIN)
Obviously, this is a huge public health hazard. Some of these drugs haven’t even been approved for use in the United States. Yet, these diet drug companies, fueled by the diet craze and huge profits, are willing to take the risk of an investigation by the FDA.