Irish Bishops Meet with Pope Benedict

In a scene eerily reminiscent of his predecessor’s meeting with US cardinals in 2002, Pope Benedict XVI has begun a two day meeting with 24 Irish prelates, each of whom were scheduled to speak about the Irish sex abuse scandal for seven minutes. The Irish bishops were summoned to the Vatican after an independent report detailed the shocking details of 325 sex abuse claims in Irish dioceses from 1975-2004.
The Irish Catholic Church has been rocked by the sex scandals with episcopal resignations and accusations between government officials and church clergy flying. The real issue is threefold: 1)the prevention of the future abuse of children, 2)real reform characterized by actions rather than words, 3)collaboration between the church and secular authorities in order to make the church transparent
While chatter about the summit meeting appeared to be taken from public relations’ cue cards, any real success will be determined by the Church’s actions toward those who’ve been abused. Once again, it’s a case of wait and see.