Joint Commission Recommends Surgeons Find Alternatives to Vaginal Mesh

A joint study authored by the American College of Obstetricians and the American Urogynecologic Society is now recommending that surgeons limit the use of the vaginal mesh medical device in high-risk patients who aren’t candidates for other types of medical interventions to remedy pelvic organ prolapse or female urinary incontinence.
The report was issued in the wake of months of news that the transvaginal or vaginal mesh medical device may cause serious health consequences and side effects for women who have the mesh implanted in order to treat these two medical conditions. In addition to findings that the mesh has a higher than acceptable failure rate which may require further surgeries, the vaginal mesh has not proven effective in treating either condition.
As a result of the negative findings, vaginal mesh lawsuits are mounting across the country as women are experiencing pain, discomfort and the prospect of future surgeries in order to repair the problems caused by the vaginal mesh.