Love in the Rectory Bashed by Rhode Island Bishop

Bishop Daniel O’Reilly knew in 1971 that one of his priests Robert Marcantonio, had abused several young boys yet Marcantonio left for Ames Iowa in 1970 for treatment. He also apparently abused again in Dubuque Archdiocese where he was released for “service” to the Archdiocese of Dubuque. He continued to abuse there as well. Yet, when a television report reveals the abuse the new bishop is outraged at the tv station and not the abuser Marcantonio. Bishop Louis Gelineau cancelled all programs with the station including televised masses for the cavalier attitude of the station.
Unfortunately, this has been the typical reaction of the bishops. They would rather shoot the messenger than deal with the problem of sexual abuse of children. This is not new and it continues to this day. In dealing with archdioceses and dioceses throughout the country, they would rather blame the victims, their advocates, their lawyers, and the media for the problem. they call it Catholic bashing. I call it covering up criminal behavior.