Matrixx Initiatives to settle Zicam claims for $15.5M

Matrixx Initiatives and Lead Plaintiffs’ Counsel in the Federal Multi-District Litigation in the District of Arizona and the consolidated proceedings pending in state courts in California and Arizona, Charles S. Zimmerman, Steven Skikos, and Stephen Leshner, respectively, announced the parties to product liability suits against Matrixx Initiatives and Zicam LLC pending nationwide have reached agreement to resolve the bulk of outstanding cases and claims on mutually satisfactory terms. Under the settlement agreement, approximately 1,014 plaintiffs and 1,127 claimants who allege loss of smell and/or taste arising out of their use of Zicam Cold Remedy and other products will be eligible to participate in a voluntary Settlement Program. In return, plaintiffs and claimants will dismiss or release their cases with prejudice. The company will pay a total of $15.5M, including $11.5M after satisfaction of certain contingencies and approximately $4M in subsequent payments within twenty-one months