Meridia May Increase Risk for Heart Attack and Stroke

Abbott Laboratories weight loss pill Meridia is being investigated for a potential increase in heart attacks and strokes. The European Medicines Agency is reviewing clinical data from the SCOUT trial involving 10,000 patients over six years. Meridia, known by its chemical name sibutramine, is no stranger to investigations. In 2005, the FDA looked into the same risk factors after a public safety advocacy called for its outright ban in the United States. The prescription drug Meridia does include a warning label that cautions healthcare professionals from prescribing the weight loss drug to those who have a history of cardiovascular problems.
Earlier this month, Public Citizen, a watchdog group, called on the FDA to remove the weight loss drug from the market. Abbott officials responded to the latest study by stating that 90% of those who participated in the SCOUT study were ineligible because of prior cardiac history.