More Problems for Catholic Church in Florida

Within a week, the Catholic Church in Florida has been rocked by the revelations of two more sexually abusive priests and two other priests who stole millions from the collection plate. Rev. Anthony Mercieca, now 69 and living on the Maltese island of Gozo, recalls touching former Congressman Mark Foley but not abusing him sexually. Mercieca seems incredibly unmoved by the damage inflicted by his nude romps in a Florida hot tub. The other abusive priest, Rev. Gustavo Miyares apologized last Sunday to his flock in Hialeah but not to his victim.

It seems to me that the church in Florida has more than a public relations problem. It has a corruption problem within its ranks. When clergy are no longer trusted with the flock’s money or its children, the church as an institution is in grave danger. It’s time for more than talk. Real reform is long overdue.