Newer Artificial Hip Device Failures Causing Financial Harships

In a front page New York Times article today, a middle-aged man was featured in a story about the problem with artificial hip failures. The 55-year-old man had nearly $500,000 worth of medical expenses related to revision surgery for his failed artificial hip, a Johnson & Johnson DePuy hip that was recalled earlier in the year. The man has been unable to work while his medical expenses related to the failed hip continue to mount. His attempted revision surgery didn’t work and so he is left helpless and unable to work.
Unfortunately, the plight of this man is not an uncommon story. As a hip implant recall lawyer, I’ve represented hundreds of people whose lives have been unnecessarily worsened by such artificial hip devices as Stryker hips, DePuy Pinnacle hips, Zimmer Durom Cup hips, and DePuy ASR XL hips.
Making matters worse, a recent study by the FDA has shown that these new hip devices aren’t as effective as the older hip devices. Their failure rates are alarmingly high and some result in a dangerous condition known as metallosis wherein the metal fragments from the metal-on-metal hips fall into the bloodstream and poison the blood.
The artificial hip situation in this country is tragic and appalling given the numbers of people affected by it. At some point, the federal government needs to step in and fix it before more are injured.