No Chinese Drywall Recall but Remediation Plan Promised

The defective Chinese drywall that has plagued many Florida homeowners as well as homeowners from 26 other states has caught the attention of Inez Tenenbaum, newly appointed head of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
Earlier this week, the CPSC chief was in Florida on an inspection tour of homes affected by the Chinese drywall problem. She was able to see first-hand the devastation wrought by the defective drywall. During her tour, she accepted Senator Bill Nelson’s contention that the federal agency hasn’t acted fast enough to come to the aid of ailing homeowners.
Tenenbaum also stated that a Chinese drywall recall will not be issued because it’s not practical or effective since not all of the drywall has caused damage to residences. However, she did say that her agency would put together a remediation plan. Her agency has received 1,311 Chinese drywall complaints so far. Some of those complaints have chosen to file lawsuits which are now consolidated in a multidistrict litigation in the US District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana.