Pat Buchanan’s World: Bed Bugs Tied to Illegal Immigration

I was watching MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews the other night and happened to catch conservative political commentator Pat Buchanan discuss the issue of swine flu. During his commentary, Buchanan linked swine flu with illegal immigration noting that the first cases of swine flu originated in Mexico. If you think that may be a stretch, wait for his next comment. Buchanan also attributed the growing problems with bed bugs on illegal immigration! I haven’t seen that the mainstream media or the blogosphere caught the comment but he actually argued for the connection.
Bed bugs have re-surfaced in this country as a result of a dearth of effective agents to kill the pesky insects. In addition, the bed bugs multiply rapidly and can go undetected until they start feeding on the blood of human beings. None of this has anything to do with the immigration issue. Bed bugs aren’t even restricted to the warmer weather climes of the border states. Bed bug problems have been noted in Chicago, New York, Boston and other northeastern cities.
As an attorney who handles bed bug cases, I thought it was suprising, almost comical to have Pat Buchanan trying to blame bed bugs on immigration.