Priest Abuse Docs in Bridgeport

As the Diocese of Bridgeport prepares for the Supreme Court’s verdict on whether the sexual abuse documents remain sealed, the Bishop of the diocese is preparing his priests to deal with the worst case scenario. It appears to be an odd strategy since most of the documents have been discussed in media reports of the sexual abuse lawsuits against priests in the Diocese of Bridgeport. In fighting the release of the documents, Bishop Lori’s actions have had the exact opposite of his desired effect. In fighting the release of the documents all the way to the Supreme Court, he’s actually drawn more attention to them. Lori insists he’s fighting to protect those who’ve been falsely accused but one has to wonder about his tactics. Those who’ve been erroneously accused will show up as such in the documents. No further argument needs to be made about it. His obsession and tireless efforts at preventing the public disclosure of the abuse papers only serves to increase the public’s interest in them. It’s a curious strategy for an obviously capable bishop to take. Even if the Supreme Court agrees and orders the documents to remain sealed, the public will have questions about what is contained in those documents.
If the Catholic Church is serious about reform and true renewal, why not release the documents and let the public view them? Why continue the cover-up?