Raytheon Knew About Groundwater Contamination in 1999

According to a News Channel 8 and Tampa Tribune ongoing investigation into the public records concerning the Raytheon groundwater contamination issue in St. Petersburg, the defense contractor knew about the toxic plume as early as 1999. Furthermore, the toxic plume wasn’t the result of an accidental spill but rather a deliberate dumping of toxins into a shallow pit on site in the 1960’s.
The news gets even worse. The toxic plume problem had grown serious enough by 2001 that a DEP official prepared a letter for the agency’s district director, Deborah Getzoff. The letter instructed Raytheon, owner of the plant at 1501 72nd St. N., to reassess the risk to the public and to notify neighbors with irrigation wells.
The letter was never sent and neighbors were never informed of DEP’s increasing concerns.