Rear Impact Auto Accidents Can Cause Serious Injury

Statistics tell us that 770 Americans out of 100,000 will be injured in a rear impact auto crash this year. While insurance companies equate minor vehicle damage with minor bodily injury, medical evidence doesn’t bear this out. It is very often the case, that those involved in rear end or so-called low impact auto crashes sustain permanent and disabling injuries to their spine, neck and head. Such accidents can impair neurological functioning as well. While cars are often designed for such crashes, the human body is not so designed. In such a crash, the body is often twisted and violently thrown back, even when wearing a seat belt restraint. This shearing force can cause muscle tears as well as spinal fractures. If you’re involved in such a crash, seek good, quality medical care and don’t listen to the insurance adjuster who wants you to settle your claim as quickly as possible.