Sarasota Doctor Still Practicing After 25 Counts of Health Care Fraud

According to a story published in the St. Petersburg Times, Dr. Michael Rosin continues to practice medicine in Sarasota in spite of 25 counts of health care fraud and 25 counts of making false statements. In one case, Dr. Rosin operated on one elderly patient 122 times! In a recent federal indictment, Dr. Rosin is accused of falsely diagnosing skin cancer and performing unnecessary surgery. In one case, according to the indictment, Rosin based his diagnosis on a slide that contained chewing gum, not human tissue. In another case, a lab tech decided to test Rosin by substituting a sliver of Styrofoam for a tissue sample. Rosin examined the slide and told the unwitting patient that her cancer was very aggressive and that she needed surgery the next day.
Who’s watching these doctors? Who’s protecting you and your loved ones from bad doctors?