Sex Abuse Survivor Advocates Urge Actor to Change Film Locale

Advocates for victims of child sex abuse are calling on actor Billy Baldwin to change the locale of a film he plans to shoot. Originally, plans for the movie shoot were scheduled for “a Florida evangelical church that was scarred by a child molestation scandal.
Baldwin, 48, and the brother of actor Alec Baldwin, is set to shoot the film, “Blind Faith,” on the campus of Trinity Baptist Church in Jacksonville, where its founder, Robert “Bob” Gray Jr., was alleged to have molested more than 20 young children in the 1970s and 1980s.
Gray was arrested in 2006, but died at age 81 before he could be prosecuted. For 38 years, ending in 1992, when he fled the country, he led the church and its Trinity Christian Academy, where his accusers were elementary students or parishioners.”
Moving the location of the film would be an important acknowledgment of the suffering and trauma experienced by many Florida children who were preyed upon by this pastor.