Six States Join EPA in Ohio River Cleanup Study

Six states including Kentucky, Illinois,Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia have joined forces with the Environmental Protection Agency to study bacteria and other pathogens that pollute the Ohio River.
While the task is enormous the symbolic effect of state involvement in the bacteria study is significant. A similar effort led to the restoration of healthy oxygen levels in the Middle Cuyahoga River.
The study which is scheduled to be completed next year will determine how much bacteria sewage treatment plants, factories, and other sources of pollutants can discharge into the river without exceeding the standards of safety. Presently, there are 49 cities and towns in the area which release untreated sewage directly into the river during heavy storms. An expensive upgrade is needed in order to stem the tide of bacterial flow into the river.
This is a good first step in identifying, treating, and restoring the Ohio River to its environmentally healthy place. It’s a good thing to have states cooperate with the federal government on an issue as important as environmental clean-up and restoration.