The Irish Wakeup Call

It’s been more than three years now since America’s Roman Catholic bishops met in Dallas and issued their charter concerning the protection of young people from clergy sexual abuse. No one I know, least of all the victims, think that that meeting stopped the horrors and coverups of the crisis in the Catholic Church. However, at least it made everyone aware of the nature and scope of the crisis. That’s why I find it hard to fathom what the Catholic Church leaders in Ireland have been doing the last three years since Dallas. Most recently the Ferns inquiry report severely criticized the Irish Catholic Church for sex abuse scandal and its ensuing and ongoing coverup. The Irish government has finally stepped in and pledged to do what the Church is unwilling or incapable of doing in this mess. Just yesterday, Bishop Eamonn Walsh, Apostolic Administrator of the Ferns diocese confirmed that five priests with pending abuse allegations are still in active ministry! If the Catholic Church in Ireland does not move quickly and attempt to rectify the situation it will lose all of its already diminishing credibility and moral authority.