The Week That Was

In the past week, we’ve seen many news stories that affect us us one way or another. Some of the stories have a direct impact on us while others have a slightly less impact or one that will be subtle at best. Some of those news stories include:
Archbishop Timothy Dolan becomes the Archbishop of New York: Dolan’s appointment to the nation’s most prestigious See is a statement about how the Vatican views the church in the US. Dolan, a charismatic figure who holds a graduate degree in history, has been viewed by many as a conservative who holds fast to the Vatican line. Most importantly, he’s brushed off the sexual abuse scandal through charm and a relatively successful public relations campaign in Milwaukee. Unfortunately, there is little hope he’ll do anything differently in New York. He will in all likelihood support the Lopez bill before the NY State Legislature which will do little to help survivors of sexual abuse.
FDA Clamps Down on Medical Device Companies-this news is a long time in coming. For years now, the medical device manufacturers have made millions promoting device products that received scant attention from the FDA due to a loophole that allowed them to avoid rigorous clinical trials. The new FDA announcement will hopefully force them to comply with existing laws that compel them to demonstrate their device’s effectiveness and safety before they are marketed to the public.
Gadolinium Lawsuit Settlement– Bayer AG has settled a few of the lawsuits linked to Nehprogenic Systemic Fibrosis. These and other consumer justice lawsuits are an important check on the power and influence of pharmaceutical companies that market products that are dangerous and potentially lethal to the consumer.