US Supreme Court Rejects Diocese of Bridgeport Document Request

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport has lost its final appeal in its attempt to keep sealed its priest abuse documents. The SCOTUS order amounted to a final refusal to hear the Catholic Church’s appeal concerning the sealed documents. The order was issued without any commentary from the Supreme Court justices.
The thousands of documents now under seal concern diocesan papers that were part of priest abuse lawsuits against the Diocese of Bridgeport. After the cases were settled, four major newspapers The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The NY Times, and the Hartford Courant, sued for access to the church documents.
Barbara Dorris of SNAP issued the following statement: “We’re relieved that the public is one step closer to finally learning how much Cardinal Egan knew and how little he did to stop child sex crimes when he was in Bridgeport. We’re just sorry Bishop Lori has taken 7 years and probably spent at least $100,000 donated by parishioners to protect himself and his colleagues instead of protecting kids.
We believe these records will also reveal the names of others in the Catholic hierarchy who ignored or hid the devastating wrongdoing of pedophile priests.”