Wear Your Seat Belt, The Life You Save May Be Your Own

In spite of the fact that Florida has a tough seat belt law, only 50% of drivers in the state wear seat belts. The lack of compliance with this important law has devastating consequences. Let’s look at some facts:
1) A child unrestrained in a 30 mph crash is the equivalent of that same child falling from a three story building.
2) In one survey, over 59 percent of drivers who were fatally injured were not using available restraint systems.
3) Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties are in the “Top Ten” in auto accident fatalities.
4) During a crash, properly fastened safety belts distribute the forces of rapid deceleration over larger and stronger parts of the person’s body, such as the chest, hips and shoulders. The safety belt stretches slightly to slow your body down and to increase its stopping distance.
The difference between the belted person’s stopping distance and the unbelted person’s stopping distance is significant. It’s often the difference between life and death.
So, be safe, protect your loved ones, and wear that seat belt!