Zicam Lawsuits

Zicam lawsuits have been consolidated in multidistrict litigation in United States District Court for the District of Arizona. The multidistrict litigation or MDL means that there are similar fact patterns in all the lawsuits. Those who’ve filed Zicam lawsuits complain of a loss of the sense of smell after using the homeopathic cold remedy. The Zicam lawsuits generally focus on nasal sprays or gels manufactured by Matrixx Initiatives and were sold under the following names:
Zicam Allergy Relief Nasal Gel
Zicam Cold Remedy Nasal Gel
Zicam Cold Remedy Swabs
Zicam Extreme Congestion Relief
Zicam Kids Size Cold Remedy Swab
Zicam Nasal Moisturizer
Since the active ingredient in these products was a zinc derivative, namely, zinc gluconate, they did not require pre-market approval from the FDA. However, medical studies dating back to the 1930’s point to problems with products containing high levels of zinc, especially with the nasal passages. In June 2009, the FDA issued a warning to consumers to halt use of some of these Zicam products. The warning was prompted by 130 reports to the FDA of a loss of the sense of smell (anosmia).
Zicam Sinus Relief