Zimmer Durom Hip Recall?

The NY Times article a few days ago concerning problems with Zimmer Holdings’ artificial hip device was not the first time news of issues with the hip had grabbed the media’s attention. A Reuters article in May of 2008 detailed complaints from a prominent orthopaedic surgeon about the Zimmer hips. At the same time, Zimmer phased out the position of chief marketing officer as shares of Zimmer stock took a tumble. A financial analyst who spoke with Reuters linked the stock tumble to problems with the hip device Durom. According to the report, there was speculation that the Durom hip device may be subject to a recall due to problems. Reuters reported at the time that even Zimmer acknowledged the possibility of a possibility of a Zimmer Durom hip recall.
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The Durom hip had been sold and marketed to younger, more active patients but may be prone to premature failure leading to revision surgery.