Zyprexa Lawsuit Settles

Eli Lilly, the manufacturer of the schizophrenia drug Zyrexa, has settled a lawsuit with the State of Alaska for $15 million. Alaska had sued Lilly in order to recoup costs associated with treating Medicaid patients who experienced weight gain and the onset of diabetes as a result of taking the drug Zyprexa. In his statement from the bench, Anchorage Superior Court Judge Mark Rindner, stated that as a result of the state’s lawsuit problems associated with bad drugs was addressed. This is an important statement in the light of higher courts’ decisions to side with big pharma and medical device companies in shielding themselves from accountability for harmful drugs and defective medical devices. The civil justice system provides an avenue for consumers to hold companies accountable for harmful products that cause injury. It also forces manufacturers to make better and safer products for consumers.